Line Boring

Coupling Line Boring

BFW provides a turnkey project that includes a BFW Coupling line boring machine and a full sized engine lathe. This enables our team to be self sufficient while on-site. The team is able to bore the coupling holes, turn hydraulic coupling bolt sleeves or conventional coupling bolts and install hydraulic coupling bolts without any assistance from plant personnel or hired craft labour.

Why line bore?

Not only is it faster but, proper line boring provides the most accurate hole geometries when compared to honing, reaming or other similar processes. When retrofitting existing coupling bolts with advanced Hydraulic Coupling Bolts, close-tolerance line boring ensures that the full benefits of such bolts can be realized.

How Fast?

From parallel task operation to simultaneous multiple coupling machining, we can provide you with myriad options to minimize, or even eliminate, Critical Path impact. In cases of Hydraulic Coupling Bolt upgrades, specialized BFW teams have always assured clients of an average time of 2 hours per hole to line bore a hole, machine new bolt sleeves and, fully install each bolt assembly.

Why BFW?

BFW Coupling Services' sole focus is coupling line boring and large coupling issues. As a result we are able to constantly refine our equipment and techniques in order to bring an even greater degree of excellence to our clients. We have a quality program that is second to none which tracks projects from quote through execution. Our continuous training ensures unequalled expertise in this field. Our state of the art equipment is continually inspected, serviced and calibrated to ensure our team is working with the best equipment on-site.

Whether you are an OEM or an End User, we look forward to contributing to the success of your projects.