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Welcome to
BFW Coupling Services Limited

Meeting all your Coupling related needs since 1991

BFW Coupling Services Limited is an on-site machining company whose sole focus is on coupling line boring and large coupling issues. Our company is comprised of an experienced team with a successful track record in the industry. We are dedicated to providing customers with efficient, high-quality services and continuous support while maintaining worker and public safety. Our attention to detail and commitment to quality ensure you receive the best solution. We work closely with our customers to ensure they get the support they need when we arrive on-site.

We are the world’s leading coupling boring experts. Many of the world’s leading OEM’s and end users have relied on the BFW team to consistently provide them with the fastest coupling hole line boring services, the most effective hydraulic coupling bolt retrofits and the assurance of trouble-free coupling disassembly and reassembly.

Why BFW?

BFW Coupling Services’ sole focus is coupling line boring and large coupling issues. As a result we are able to constantly refine our equipment and techniques in order to bring an even greater degree of excellence to our clients. Our continuous training ensures unequaled expertise in this field. We have a quality program that is second to none which tracks projects from quote through execution. Our equipment is continually inspected, serviced and calibrated to ensure our team is working with the best equipment on-site.

We Travel the World to Help You

BFW teams have bored couplings throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. As a result many of the worlds leading OEMs, general contractors and utilities rely on our specialized services. If BFW has not been to your site or your part of the world give us a call. We want to provide you with a complete trouble-free coupling bolt installation package.

Cut Critical Path Time

If you are looking to cut down on critical path time, we can provide you options. Whether it’s moving the line boring to pre-outage or working in parallel with other work being performed. We can provide you with the best solution to help you avoid critical path.