Pilgrim International Sales

Pilgrim Radial Fit Bolts 


BFW is an authorized sales unit for Pilgrim International, if you are interested in upgrading your turbine couplings to hydraulic coupling bolts, need replacement parts or tooling let us know and we will ensure you get what you are looking for.

Quick, Simple and Safe to Install and Remove 

Radial Fit bolts are a re-usable solution removing the need for unwanted in-situ machining and replacement of bolts each time a coupling is split. The bolts are offered into the coupling hole in a clearance condition and then a perfect interference fit is achieved by drawing the tapered bolt shank through the sleeve, resulting in the expansion of the outer diameter of the sleeve axially filling the hole and creating a totally rigid coupling. The bolt is finally hydraulically stretched allowing the nuts to be tensioned. The removal process is simply reversed. The time to fit or remove each bolt is approximately 10-15 minutes allowing for accurate planning of a turbine coupling split.

Elimination of Seized Coupling Bolts

The rigid coupling created by the fitted bolts removes the risk of coupling slippage, which is the main cause of seized bolts, with the advantage of eradicating unplanned down-time and costs caused by the removal of seized bolts. The speedy removal of Radial Fitted bolts allows for accurate and reduced time allotted when planning the coupling split for an outage.

The bolts can be installed / removed by one person by using a hydraulic pump and specific Radial Fit bolt installation tooling.

Concentricity of Couplings

When being re-installed the “Fitted” Radial Fit Bolt will automatically bring the couplings back to the same position. This results in simple and quick coupling concentricity being achieved. Simply expand the sleeves and tension the nuts and the coupling returns to where it was set. The clear benefit to the operator is the elimination of unwanted time getting the couplings concentric.

Controlled and Accurate bolt loading


Using hydraulics as the medium to install the bolts creates an accurate method of inducing the desired load into the bolting system, ensuring the operator can be confident of correct fitting of the bolt system without extensive checking.  

Hydraulically Installed Radial Fit Bolts from Pilgrim remove uncertainty and ensures improved return on investment for the user.