Equipment Inspection/Repair


Are You Outage Ready?

 Your hydraulic coupling bolt tooling is imperative to the success of the removal and installation of your bolts. During the disassembly or reassembly of your coupling is not the time to find out your tooling is missing or in need of repair. BFW will inventory, inspect and repair your tooling and equipment to ensure it’s in working order.

Equipment Inspection

  • Pressure Test Hydraulic Pump
  • Verify Gauge Calibration
  • Pressure Test Hydraulic Heads
  • Pressure Test Hydraulic Hoses
  • Clean, Inventory and Inspect Tooling
  • Provide Estimate for Repairs and Replacement Parts

Equipment Repairs

  • Diagnose Issues
  • Provide Repair Estimate
  • Complete approved repairs
  • Pressure Test
  • Verify Gauge Calibration



Returned to Site Outage Ready

Once the damaged tooling is replaced and the repairs are complete we will provide written inspection and calibration reports, repackage your tooling in the crates provided and return it to site ready for your outage.