Bushing Coupling Holes


Repair Years of Damage 

As turbine rotors get older and are swapped in and out of different units the hole sizes become large and it becomes necessary to bring them back to nominal. 

Having sleeved a countless number coupling holes BFW has the equipment and experience to rapidly bore and sleeve the coupling holes back to their nominal size.


Return Coupling Holes to Nominal Size

Whether you have one hole that needs repair due to galling damage or an entire coupling with over sized holes that you would like back to nominal, we work together with you to ensure you get what you are looking for. 


Coupling Hole is Machined

The coupling hole is machined to your specifications on site and off critical path.


Sleeves Inserted

The sleeves are machined to the specified interference fit and then inserted into the coupling. The coupling holes are now back to their nominal size and the coupling itself has a new life.