Conventional Bolt Drilling

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Drilling Attachment

BFW has now developed the missing link to the hydraulic coupling bolt retrofit package. Conventional coupling bolts can become seized after years of service. Our drilling attachment is able to drill conventional bolts out using the same set up as our line boring machine, this allows us to have the same rapid set-up time as we do with our line boring equipment. Transitioning from hole to hole is easier than the conventional drilling machines, we simply slide the machine around the coupling to the next seized bolt location and we are ready to start. No delays with having to re-set the machine after every move.



Drill Size Range 

  • 1.929 diameter (49mm) to 3.5” diameter (88mm) in stock

  • Sizes out of the above range can be ordered with notice prior to outage 

  • Depth is not a factor since extensions can be added.


How Fast?

This is the fastest system in the industry for removing seized coupling bolts. We don’t require any adjacent holes to be open to set-up the machine. Conventional drilling machines would require an empty hole on each side of the stuck bolt in order to clamp the machine. This can be time consuming and costly should another bolt become seized in the process of removing bolts just for clamping. The drilling attachment is on the same parallel axis as the line boring machine, so to move from drilling the bolt out to repairing the damaged hole is seamless.