Match Boring


Timing is Everything

While the new rotor is in the stands waiting to be installed, the coupling holes can be machined to match the existing coupling in the unit. A spacer or bull gear can be used as a template and aligned to the new rotor. The template will ensure hole alignment and concentricity’s between the new and the existing rotor.  


Avoid Critical Path

 The coupling boring machine is indicated to each of the holes using a tenth indicator and then the bores are machined in the replacement rotor to ensure they are an exact match to the existing coupling holes. Match (Jig) boring gives you an alternative to remove the coupling work away from critical path.



Standard Coupling Assembly

With the coupling holes and bolts pre-machined the new rotor can be installed and is ready to be assembled. It would be as if it is a normal coupling reassembly and there is no impact to outage schedule.